Pornology My Ass!

Ayn Carrillo-Gailey
Running Press, 2007  |  238 hlm

pornologyWith all due respect, this book is a crap. Big crap! Pornology? Lick my ass! (And you can’t even learn about ass-licking here).

This book should be titled “How to Use Porn to Glorify Your Good-Girl Image and Get A Husband”. Every few pages or so, Ms. Carrillo-Gailey repeated that she is a good girl (that’s very irritating and I will surely dump her in 24 hours if I ever dated her). And there’s no serious research on porn whatsoever here. No explorations on the latest trends of porn: COHF, MILF, CFNM, ATM etc. When the author went to strip club with Greg, her boyfriend, and Greg ordered a steak while watching the dancer show her genitalia, she wrote: “One more thing I will not try to analyze.” (p. 40) That’s exactly what you have to analyze if you want to know about men’s relationship to porn and sex (how can men —me included—eat their dinner easily while having a hard-on). And she dare to call herself anthroPORNologist (bah!), another fancy word she created that means nothing but a fancy word.

I feel that porn-research is just a pretext used by the author to tell her ‘memoir’ about her relationship with her boyfriends and husband-to-be. And about this “autobiography/memoir” genre, great Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño once said: “Listen! I don’t have anything against autobiographies, so long as the people writing them have penises that are at least a foot long when erect.” So, that’s it, Ms. Carrillo-Gailey! If you’d like to write about your own love life with a pretext of porn studies, at least you must explained what’s your boyfriend’s cum taste like!


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